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Round One Prompt Post
tdkr_anon wrote in tdkr_kink
Round One Is Currently Closed To New Prompts

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[Fill} Bane/John Blake, Warning: Non-con/dub-con; kidnapping (?)

[[[A/N: Un-betaed, and for that I apologize. Also, I don't imagine this whole affair is going to be pretty, so please be forewarned...]]]

///(((John Blake)))\\\

He isn't stupid enough to roam the open streets at night. Not often, anyway, because most people are smart enough to stay indoors when the sun goes down, where they think nobody else can find them. And it suits the Bane's night-watch just fine, because most of the inmates he freed from Blackgate prison feel that they have more important places to be on a warm summer night than walking the beat down Gotham's empty alleyways.

Every once in a while, though, they get a little greedy; want a warm body to share the evening with or the simple pleasure of ruffling someone up. Blake's almost been mugged twice already. Has a bruise at the corner of his jaw that's turned a nasty shade of yellow brown, but the swelling's gone down and there's a satisfying scar across the first two knuckles of his right hand where he returned the favour. He doesn't like to think he's being watched, that maybe he can slink through the shadows as well as any of Bane's more professional men, but he's not the Batman, after all, and the night-watch can find him just as easily as anyone else.

John isn't under any illusion of security in this pit. So either he makes himself scarce most nights by holing up at the orphanage, or he creeps his way silently in the night to meet up with Gordon and the other men, but he doesn't imagine, even for a second, that he won't be rounded up someday like the other cops and shot, point blank, out back of Gotham's old courthouse. The future is looking pretty dim for everyone on the island, though probably more-so for gumshoes like him...

Tonight, though, he's supposed to meet Gordon in the back of Jefferson's pawn shop, five blocks south of where he is now. It's already been ransacked, but Jefferson's long since boarded up all the windows and doors, and there's a ladder now in the back closet that leads up a hole in the ceiling to the tenements above. Should they be discovered, escape is at least a possibility.

It's cool tonight, so he's wearing a jacket. He's been meaning to send another update to Chou, but it seems that every time he chooses to kneel by one of the drainpipes somebody always comes close to discovering him, so he keeps his hands stuffed in his pockets, one curled around the spool of thread, the other around a blank fold of paper, and shuffles onward as though he isn't up to no good.

He can hear it clearly though now—the gentle patter of feet against pavement; someone trying to catch up to him from behind. He isn't anywhere near a drainpipe yet, and, even if he were, he has no intention of sending a message at this time of night, but he tenses anyway and swerves a little closer to the street, hoping that whoever it is that's gaining on him means to pass him by entirely.


He slows his pace and glances over his shoulder. The three men behind him jog to a halt once they realize they have his attention. One of them is sporting a black eye; another, an aluminum bat.

The tallest of the three has his hands stuffed into his jacket pockets; no doubt he's totting a gun. So Blake pulls his hands out of his own to show them he isn't looking for trouble as he waits for them to make their move.

The tall guy glances once at Blake's hands before he visibly relaxes, as though he's been doing this all week but with varying results. “Mind if we see some ID?”

“I haven't got any on me.”

Tall guy smiles a little, like this is an old joke. “Didn't lose it, did you?”

“Haven't had much need to carry it with me, actually” he replies, and he has every reason not to. He's not stupid, after all; knows what will happen to him if Bane's army ever get their hands on him...

“John Blake,” the guy with the black eye mutters, and it's then that Blake recognizes him: petty crook with a penchant for beating up hookers; likes it when they cry. 'Cody Newman', if memory serves him right.

“We've met before?”

“Don't remember me, sweetheart?”

Blake smiles for a moment and then nods. “Wasn't Craigslist, was it?”

[Fill] Bane/John Blake, Warning: Non-con/dub-con; kidnapping (?) - (WIP)

The other two laugh, but Newman isn't having any of that. He takes a step forward, hands balled into fists, and Blake knows the guy means to return the favour for all the times Blake's dragged him out of the brothel, kicking and screaming, before slamming him face-down against the hood of his cruiser like the piece of shit that he is.

It's then that Blake decides that this is probably the best time for him to run.

They don't hesitate to give chase, but Blake's been running track-and-field all throughout grade school and being a cop has only honed that skill, so he can't help but smile a little on the inside when Newman starts to swear, his voice fading into the distance. The turn he takes into the alleyway up ahead puts an end to that elation though, because even though Blake knows all about the back door to the old donair shop that isn't locked, he knows absolutely nothing about the goddamn wire tied from one wall to the other.

He wonders vaguely if it was put there solely to ensnare him, but he doesn't have long to dwell on that thought before it catches him by the throat. Cuts him nice and deep before his feet fly out from under him, and then suddenly he's lying flat on his back, wondering 'oh-my-god-am-I-going-to-die?' when he reaches up and realizes how much blood there actually is.

After a moment or two he can breathe again, and it's really not that much blood, but his head's still swimming when two men step out of the shadows to lift him up off the ground and now he has to fight the sudden urge to vomit. He closes his eyes; opens them; tries to blink away the vertigo, but then he recognizes the guy on his left—one of Bane's higher-ups, he thinks—and chooses to close his eyes again when he realizes the man's reeling up to deliver a right hook to the sore side of his face.

And it's a mean right hook too.

Knocks the daylights clear out of him...

[[[A/N: Hope you enjoyed! Expect more soon.

PS: Also I'm not the lovely anon above that first claimed this prompt, so I apologize if I'm stepping on any toes...

PPS: Wow---forgot to mention that this is just a Work in Progress in the subject line! So sorry about that...]]]

Re: [Fill] Bane/John Blake, Warning: Non-con/dub-con; kidnapping (?) - (WIP)

Great start! Definitely looking forward to more

Author ~ [Fill] Bane/John Blake, Warning: Non-con/dub-con; kidnapping (?) - (WIP)

Many thanks, my dear! ;D

I am loving this so far. Right off the bat you've drawn me in and I cannot wait for more! Already warHave a sense of John's voice in this and that's a big draw. I'm excited to see this all play out. I will wait with bated breath.


Oh, you have no idea how happy I am to hear that! It didn't occur to me until after I posted the fill that you might have any squicks. Do you, by the way? I plan on adding a bit of attempted brainwashing to the mix and some good old Stockholm Syndrome, but if that doesn't sit well with you I can figure something else out.

Anyhow, many thanks, darling! *bows* :)

Re: [Fill] Bane/John Blake, Warning: Non-con/dub-con; kidnapping (?) - (WIP)

Ohhh, I'm excited to see more! Can't wait!


Thank you, my dear! ;D Glad you're enjoying it.

[Fill] Bane/John Blake, Warning: Non-con/dub-con; kidnapping, attempted brainwashing - (2/?)

[[[A/N: My darling OP, I forgot to ask if drug-related brainwashing and a speck of Stockholm Syndrome would be acceptable in this prompt. I realize that that's taking it rather far, but since at least three months go by between Bane's capture of Gotham and the first scene of Blake in the crisis, I though, meh, anything could've happened...]]]

///(((John Blake)))\\\

He wakes to the smell of something musty and a little...burnt. It's baffling, to say the least, but when he hears the gentle hum of a desktop computer's fan working overtime and the sharp staccato of someone typing furiously away at a keyboard, he realizes he must be in one of Gotham's older business buildings, probably somewhere close to the courthouse.

His throat stings something awful and his head's still reeling from the blow, but he's well enough now to realize that he's been laid out on a blanket on the floor. It's dark in here, the only illumination provided by the numerous computer monitors hooked up on the far side of the room and a few desk lamps near the door, but even without moving his head he can already tell that there are at least six of Bane's men in the room with him. They're all decked out in tattered military fatigues and bullet-proof vests, guns strapped to their thighs and belts; rifles to their backs. In fact, the only one besides Blake that isn't armed to the teeth is this tiny bespectacled guy sitting by the monitors, watching a snippet of Gotham City News on channel twenty-four between typing commands on an adjacent screen.

Three of the men are pouring over a map of some sort in the centre of the room, the other two posted on the inside of the door. Blake tries to crane his head as discretely as he can to see what else is going on, but he's lying in an odd position, stuck on his right side, hands tied behind his back, with his body situated so that his feet are pointed toward the nearest wall. He's out of the way and half-hidden by a desk, but he doubts they would've put him there only to forget about him, so when he rolls slightly over onto his back it only makes sense that he would regret the decision almost immediately.

He's beside a desk because Bane is currently sitting there sideways in the chair, a file in hand, eyes scanning the material idly before he notices that John is finally awake. Blake flinches impulsively as he tries to quell his brain's fundamental urge to fight or fly, but remains otherwise still as Bane tosses the file down in favour of focusing his undivided attention on him.

Bane only needs to lean over a little to stare directly into Blake's eyes, lifting his foot to plant it firmly over Blake's raised shoulder, pressing down...It forces Blake to turn completely over onto his back and keeps him pinned there as Bane 'tsks' behind the filter of his mask.

“Don't feel you need to get up on my behalf, John.”

“Why am I here?” he murmurs quietly, because, honestly, he hasn't got a clue in the world. Most of the cops that are rounded up and dragged off to Crane's kangaroo court are shot within the hour. Blake isn't entirely sure why he's been made an exception.


Bane glances back at the file and plucks a photo from the stack. He turns it over so that Blake can see it. Even in the dim light, there's no mistaking the image of his car parked outside Wayne Manor.

Blake realizes then that he hasn't been brought all the way here just to die; he's been brought here to be tortured and mutilated before a picture of his mangled corpse is emailed to the evening news.

“It appears that you and I have a mutual friend.”

“Where is he?”

“Serving a life term,” Bane replies, eyeing the photo briefly before dropping it back on the pile, “for trying to rise above his station.”

“But isn't that what this is all about, an elimination of the hierarchy?”

Bane laughs. It sounds odd coming through the mask, choppy and awkwardly pitched. Then he digs the toe of his boot into the soft tissue of Blake's shoulder joint, enough so that Blake can't help but grit his teeth and cringe. “Fool that you are, I think you will understand in time.”

[Fill] Bane/John Blake, Warning: Non-con/dub-con; kidnapping, attempted brainwashing - (2b/?)

Blake closes his eyes; tries not to make a sound. Eventually the pressure lets up, but Bane keeps his boot where it is, a small reminder of the ease with which he can inflict pain.

One of the men hovering over the centre table crosses the floor then to hand Bane another file. Bane opens it and gives it only a cursory glance before tossing it on top of the other one, letting off a pneumatic wheeze Blake can only assume is a sigh. “Now, John...I would like to know what you already understand of the matter at hand.”

Blake swallows; wishes his mouth wasn't so goddamn dry. “...You're here to see Gotham go up in flames. Regardless of what happens.”

“ 'Regardless'?” Bane enquires.

“Of your so-called revolution,” Blake murmurs, and it sounds odd hearing it in his own voice, the death sentence that has been dealt to this backward city of his; gives it a feeling of finality that he just can't shake. “Gotham's going down sooner or later, you just wanted to see it in the throes of death first. This whole charade you've got going on right's really just some inside joke about false hope.”

He might be mistaken, but Blake sees something flicker in Bane's eyes on that last word. Hope, as though that was the key to Gotham's misery all along. Something about the drive to persevere...

“And do you believe Gotham deserves a second chance?”


Bane leans back a little and stares out across the room, signalling to one of the men by the door. Then he presses down with the toe of his boot again, harder this time, until Blake has to bite back a cry.

The solder that joins them kneels by Blake's head with a needle in hand. He covers Blake's mouth with the other in order to turn his face away, toward Bane's boot, before jamming the syringe into his neck.

“There is at least one redeeming feature I know of to the naivety of youth,” Bane says, seemingly disappointed. “You are not yet too old to learn.”

'Not too old to learn what?' he wonders, but he'd rather not know. There's a game being played here that he doesn't have a hand in—doesn't even have a hope to have a hand in. Selina Kyle is probably aware of the finer details of what's going on here. Bruce Wayne, he assumes, does too, but him? He just wants to gets the GPD out of that goddamn pit and put an end to their nuclear crisis. Anything other than that, he's willing to leave to the big guns.

The image of Bane and his harrowing mask skew slightly to one side then before warping into something possibly more grotesque, the drug doing its work. His world spins as the soldier leans down to lift him off the floor, his head rolling back, and the last he sees of anything is the hazy glow of the computer monitors before consciousness abandons him completely.

This, he realizes, is just the beginning of the end...

[[[A/N: Fail-ending is made of fail, no? Seriously, I suck at ending chapters. No idea why, though...

In any case, thank you for the wonderful reviews!

PS: OP, it's not too late to tell what is and what isn't acceptable. Just give me a heads-up whenever you can.]]]

Re: [Fill] Bane/John Blake, Warning: Non-con/dub-con; kidnapping, attempted brainwashing - (2b/?)

Ahhhhhh! No fail in sight, anon! This is fabulous. More, pretty please?


*happy sniffle* Thank you, darling. I'm going to get right on it. ;)

Re: [Fill] Bane/John Blake, Warning: Non-con/dub-con; kidnapping, attempted brainwashing - (2b/?)

ohhh gawwwd this is getting awesome!

I can't wait to see more!

Bane is truly sadistic >3 and I love it! I also love how you have Bane sound as intelligent as he really is. Because let's face it...the dude is scary smart!

Looking forward to an update!


Thank you, my dear---I really, really, really want to keep everyone in character, especially Bane, because he is such an incredible villain (and because I'm afraid he'll break into my house at night and kill me in my sleep if I get him wrong...weird, I know, but 'tis true).

In any case, thanks again! And stay tuned for chapter three...

Re: [Fill] Bane/John Blake, Warning: Non-con/dub-con; kidnapping, attempted brainwashing - (2b/?)

Oo, I'm excited for this one, anon!


Thank you! I'm having a great time filling this prompt. ;)

Re: [Fill] Bane/John Blake, Warning: Non-con/dub-con; kidnapping, attempted brainwashing - (2b/?)

Man, this is DELICIOUS. I can't wait to read more!! :D


Many thanks, my dear. Nothing hits the spot quite like a yummy little fill, am I right? ;D

Oh honey, this is gorgeous! I am loving everything about it. The restrained violence that Bane shows, to Blake's awareness. You're portraying them so well. I can't wait for more, because your writing has me hooked.

Don't worry about where you want to go with this, I don't mind at all. I like the idea of the brainwashing/stockholm syndrom, because what you've written sonfar has me interested in what you can do with something like that.


*Phew* Thank goodness, because I started writing it and didn't realize until later that you might not be comfortable with everything I planned for ol' Blake. No worries though---nothing like mutilation or...I don't know, forced feminization. Just...brainwashing (and whatever else I put in the warning).

Anyhow, I'm so glad you like it! Expect another update soon. ;)

Re: [Fill] Bane/John Blake, Warning: Non-con/dub-con; kidnapping, attempted brainwashing - (2b/?)

incredible! i can't wait to see where you take these characters

Author (Anonymous) Expand

Re: [Fill] Bane/John Blake, Warning: Non-con/dub-con; kidnapping, attempted brainwashing - (2b/?)

You got me hooked to this story. It is so amazingly written, so movie-like. I can´t wait for more. :-)

Author (Anonymous) Expand

Re: [Fill] Bane/John Blake, Warning: Non-con/dub-con; kidnapping, attempted brainwashing - (2b/?)

oooooh my god, this is fantastic and fun to read and RIVETING. Excuse me while I get down on my knees and beg for more... pretty please? With sugar on top?

Author (Anonymous) Expand

Re: [Fill] Bane/John Blake, Warning: Non-con/dub-con; kidnapping, attempted brainwashing - (2b/?)

Ooooh so awesome! :D

Re: [Fill] Bane/John Blake, Warning: Non-con/dub-con; kidnapping, attempted brainwashing - (2b/?)

Oh, please tell me this hasn't been abandoned, nonny!

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