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Round One Prompt Post
tdkr_anon wrote in tdkr_kink
Round One Is Currently Closed To New Prompts

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Bane/John Blake

Shameless fluff with a little bit of angst:
Bane finds himself dreaming about kissing his lover Blake. And because his mask makes it's impossible he finds some creative ways to "kiss" Blake.
-touching John's lips with his fingers
-massaging delicate places on Blake's neck
-forehead touching

Re: Bane/John Blake

This is exactly what I have though about all the time! Definitely need to be filled

Re: Bane/John Blake


Re: Bane/John Blake

*happysigh* Yes.

Re: Bane/John Blake


Re: Bane/John Blake

I read this prompt and sigh happily.

Fill- Freely Given Kisses-1/? - Bane/Blake Warnings- None

It’s when he wakes from a dream where he was maskless and was not in pain that Bane knows he is in too deep. What makes him weak is the fact he does not care.

The dream, or vision, rather, is similar to one he has not had in over a decade or more. That he is maskless, and free, and kissing his lover. This time it is not of Talia he dreams. Talia who burned too bright and too fast. Talia, who let revenge drown her flame. Talia, who’s corpse rots in a pauper’s grave without a stone for light to find her name upon.

But of Blake. His little bird. The predecessor of his beloved’s greatest enemy. The protector of the city he tried to burn to dust. His newly protected, who found him in the sewers and could not bear to let him die, not out of spite, but out of faith, that Bane could be better, do better than those that handed him his lot in life thought. Robin knew much about rising past other’s expectations of him, knew much about rising.

Bane dreams of kisses he can never have, but, he thinks to himself, curling around the back of his most precious one as he slept on to keep him warm from the chill of the cave where they slept, Bane thinks he can find a better way to kiss.

Bane finds the first when Blake returns from his work with the boys he so desperately tries to keep from turning into what Blake himself became early in his youth, when Blake only allowed himself a few hours snatched rest before the night fell, and Blake rose as the shadow to the stars to keep watch over this city that is more his than it had ever been Wayne’s.

There is a scowl on Blake’s brow, and Bane wishes he could kiss it away, to soothe- something he has not longed to do since before the escape from the pit.

So that’s was he does. Bane stalks up behind his precious bird, laying hands gently on tense shoulders, pleased when Blake does not startle (not that he ever has, the foolish boy, not even when Bane had no reason not to twist his neck in spite). Bane digs his hands into the meat and sinew, pierces to the center pain and stress of Blake’s neck, his shoulders, his back. Blake does not tense, or mewl, does not make a sound, simply lays his head back against Bane’s abdomen, and release air from between grinning lips.

It is not a true kiss, Bane thinks. But it could, in time, be better than.

Fill- Freely Given Kisses-2/? - Bane/Blake Warnings- None


Bane was surprised, in the first days of what he thought was his imprisonment, but later learned was his protection, that Blake had never, not once, tried to take the mask from him. Blake had asked him, in the first few days of his coalescence, when Bane was in and out of consciousness, fighting infection and what ever drugs Blake supplied him to push the pain of his injuries back, what he needed to supply the mask, indicating an understanding, a thorough thoughtfulness none but R’as and Talia, and perhaps Barsad, had ever approached. Surprised again, Bane told him.

Surprised further still when Blake supplied it, and instead of asking how to administer it, Blake left it all by his bedside, where Bane had been unbound his entire time here, and left the cave again, giving him the privacy to replace the badly needed stores of the venom.

It was not until that moment that Bane realized, Blake had also exited the cave each time he left a meal eaten, or oral medication to be administered, or fluids to be drunk.

Blake had made absolutely no attempt to see behind the mask at all.

Looking back, Bane thought that might have been where he started to fall in the first place.


Bane discovers the second method of kissing almost on accident.

It is an early morning for Bane, as it always is, after a particularly late night for Blake, when the only report Blake gave of his evening was “eighteen pounds of turkey jerky, siphoned gas, and two hundred thirty-six martini glasses- this city needs better plumbing” before passing out on the mattress by the makeshift bonfire, still in uniform, pulling Bane down after him.

Bane is putting together a makeshift breakfast for Blake (no matter how late the night, his little bird cannot sleep past 7:43 am, no matter what, which Bane approves of, even if Blake is grumpy most of the day and takes a short nap around three in the afternoon, just so he stops making the face with wrinkled nose and the pout that Bane cannot help but find endearing) when Blake rolls off the mattress on the cave floor with hissing noise, and, as soon as he can stand without swaying, promptly strips down before sitting down on Bane’s thigh where he sits at the makeshift table. He does this for warmth in the early hours, Bane has found, rather that putting on more clothing. Blake finds it impractical to put on clean clothes while he is dirty when he has a “walking furnace to snuggle up to who doesn’t mind most days.”

It is a simple meal, for westerners. Blake does not like extravagence in most aspects of life in the first place, less so with food stuffs, and less still early in the morning. Another thing Bane finds pleasantly in common with his little bird.

Toast, because Blake likes the texture to wake him up. Coffee, of course. Eggs, because Bane wants him to have some form of protein and any kind of meat this early puts Blake in a bad mood and off kilter for the rest of the day. Milk, for his bones, but only in a tasteless flaky cereal Bane does not understand the appeal of, no matter how many athletes appear on the box. And lastly an apple, though Blake usually prefers oranges, and Bane would rather he have one for the vitamins, buy they are out for the moment, and an apple is better than nothing.

There are crumbs on the corner of Blake’s mouth, and a bit of juice on his chin because Bane can excuse Blake’s sloppiness, if only because breakfast is the only time he ever is.

Most lovers would lick these things away. Since Bane cannot, he take the fore and middle fingers of his right hand, collects the crumbs, the juice, and places his fingers against Blake’s mouth, so he can lick them off, which he does. When he is finished, Bane draws his hand away, but after some thought, brings them back, and keeps a finger upon each lip, not moving, just resting them there. Blake closes his eyes.

When he opens them again it is time to begin the day in earnest.

Re: Fill- Freely Given Kisses-2/? - Bane/Blake Warnings- None

how lovely!

Re: Fill- Freely Given Kisses-2/? - Bane/Blake Warnings- None

Awwww! This is so lovely! Bane is such a romantic, no wonder Blake loves him XD

Re: Fill- Freely Given Kisses-2/? - Bane/Blake Warnings- None

How adorable!

Re: Fill- Freely Given Kisses-3/? - Bane/Blake Warnings- None


It is when Bane can stand, sure and steady, again, that he thinks to ask Blake why he is here. But the only answer he receives is a vague shrug, and a blush, and a mumbled reply. So Bane asks again, everyday, until he receives an answer.

What he gets surprises him.

“I couldn’t stand the thought of you, back in a prison, rotting away. It… it didn’t feel right.”

“You could have simply killed me, or left me to die.”

And Blake looks angry, truly, viciously angry for the first time in Bane’s presence, for Blake had never before allowed himself rage around Bane, though Bane did not know why. Blake looked angry down to his bones in a way that Bane himself has felt, and known so few others to feel.

“It didn’t feel right.” Is the only answer he receives, aside from Blake’s burning gaze.

And Bane falls a little deeper.


The third way, Bane finds after a mission gone awry.

When the emergency signal goes off in the cave, Bane falters for precious seconds, before checking the locator software for his little birds position, and then Bane takes off, on the bike Blake acquired for him, into the streets.

It is not until Bane reaches the alley Blake is supposed to be in and finds nothing, that he realizes his hands are shaking.

Bane spots the manhole far too many minutes later, and realizes Blake is underground.

Bane pulls Blake from Gotham’s depth, unconscious and bleeding, unmoving.

He wakes when Bane is repairing the dislocated femur, but he does not shout, merely grits his teeth, and waits for the pain to ebb, before reaching for Bane.

Bane lays beside him on the medical bed, which groans at holding their collective weight. Bane, careful of his precious little one’s bandages, curls Blake in towards his body, resting their brows together, and breathes in Blake’s scent through the mask.

Bane’s hands were still shaking.

“Those are bite marks.”


“I take it there actually is a giant alligator in the sewers.”

“Crocodile, actually, unless I’ve completely missed my guess. Walk like a man. A lot smarter than I gave it credit for, in any case.”

“Underestimating and enemy is a foolish and deadly mistake, detective.”

“I know. I’m sorry. Thank you for coming to my rescue, in any case.”

They fell asleep, pressed against one another.

When Bane awoke, his hands were no longer shaking.

Re: Fill- Freely Given Kisses4-/4 Complete - Bane/Blake Warnings- None



Blake came back from patrol one night, with a deep slash in his side, and a hallucinagen coursing through his system. Bane could have escaped any time before now, could have escaped in this moment, but it was this moment that Bane realized Blake was not imprisoning him here, he was giving Bane asylum, despite that he had every reason not to do so.

So Bane stayed with Blake, stitched up his side, waited for the poisonous vision to clear his vision, surprised by Blake once again, when Blake did not cower from him, or attack him, in his less than lucid state.

Bane asked Blake once again after his mind was his own again, why he did not fear him with the toxin raging through him.

“I’m not afraid of you, and even though every shadow was jumping out at me on the way here, I wasn’t even truly afraid then.”


“You said once, that the shadows belong to you, that you were born of them. I trusted you, I trust you. So even though it felt like insects were crawling under my skin, I knew I was safe. With you.”

And then Blake grabbed him by the arm, and Bane allowed himself to be pulled forward, and Blake kissed him, right where his mouth rested under the mask.

“You’re form is sloppy, if you allowed someone like Crane to get close enough to swipe at you. You’re training with me from now on.”

And while most other men he’d decided to train in the past, near pissed themselves in fear, Blake only laughed and kissed him under the eye.

Bane could deal with falling.


Bane gives in after he came back from snapping the neck of the beast in the sewers. His precious bird had been right, it was a crocodile man in the tunnels under Gotham.

Blake is resting, but awake, when Bane returns, and opening his eyes and smiling at him as Bane approaches.

“Close your eyes.”

Blake raises an eyebrow at him, but complies. Bane, carefully and quietly, removes his mask, leans forward, and kisses Robin on the mouth, with his own.

Blake startles, but does not move, barely breathes, as Bane breeches his lips with his tongue, tasting him, before pulling back and replacing the mask, before the pain could break through the layer of drugs.

Blake waits until he hears the latch lock back into place before he opens his eyes again, a bright grin on his face.

Robin leans forward, and begins kissing Bane’s face, all over.

Yes, Bane thinks to himself, as Robin’s lips brush over the thin skin of his eyelids, falling in love with his little bird was the best thing that ever happened to him.


“A lawful kiss is never worth a stolen one.” Guy de Maupassant

Re: Fill- Freely Given Kisses4-/4 Complete - Bane/Blake Warnings- None

Such a precious story, anon, I really loved the relationship these two have.

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Re: Fill- Freely Given Kisses4-/4 Complete - Bane/Blake Warnings- None

Eep! So good. I could read about 100 kisses between them.

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Re: Fill- Freely Given Kisses4-/4 Complete - Bane/Blake Warnings- None


Re: Fill- Freely Given Kisses4-/4 Complete - Bane/Blake Warnings- None

God that was so cute! you really make me happy :D

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Re: Fill- Freely Given Kisses4-/4 Complete - Bane/Blake Warnings- None

OP here: just wanted to say that this fic is amazing! Extremely cute but in the good way. Bane and Blake are both in character and in love -fic of my dreams!

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Re: Fill- Freely Given Kisses4-/4 Complete - Bane/Blake Warnings- None

oh how beautiful! i want to give this fic butterfly kisses all over =)

Re: Fill- Freely Given Kisses4-/4 Complete - Bane/Blake Warnings- None

OhOh! That was sooo perfect! I needed that (them) this morning and you made it perfect. ♥♥ Well done! Great job :D :D

Re: Fill- Freely Given Kisses4-/4 Complete - Bane/Blake Warnings- None


Brilliant work :)

Re: Fill- Freely Given Kisses4-/4 Complete - Bane/Blake Warnings- None

*happy sigh* I love this.

Re: Fill- Freely Given Kisses4-/4 Complete - Bane/Blake Warnings- None

Happinessss. ♥♥

Re: Fill- Freely Given Kisses4-/4 Complete - Bane/Blake Warnings- None

*happysigh and thumbs up*

Re: Fill- Freely Given Kisses4-/4 Complete - Bane/Blake Warnings- None

*squee!* this was so lovely! thank you for sharing <3

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